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Team Introduce

Team motto keep moving 




Amanda Jiang:

Education ground:  Zhejiang University of Technology Zhijiang College, major International Economics and Trade

Experience:  Worked in Kimhaie as a business assistant from 2014.9

About myself: A mature, dynamic and honest girl, a young, bright and energetic girl, willing to learn and progress and willing to grown up in Kimhaie.


Yolanda Shen:

Education ground: Zhejiang Educational College, major in English Language

Experience: From 2011.05 to 2012.08, worked as an assistant merchandiser in lighting industry.

From 2013.05 till now, work in Kimhaie as a merchandiser.

For myself: Sincere and bright, positive and optimistic, willing work hard to fight for future.


Vison Jiang:

Education ground: Zhejiang Sci-tech University, major Garments industry.

Experience: work in Kimhaie from 2011.05 till now.

About myself: study garments, working in garments industry, also love in garments.

Be aware on design/pattern lay-out/production/communication. Now are trying to be a

Excellent team leader.

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